Hello and welcome to all !

I worked with Dominique these last few months before taking over Tapisseries de la Būcherie. The website remains the same.
For many years, I have exercised the profession of creator of original tapestry designs and needlepointer. If you look on the website of La Route de la laine, you will see my designs. These designs, plus the new ones I shall continue to create will be added onto the Būcherie site.

The store near Notre Dame is undergoing renovation. It will include :

  • A space for sales with which you are already familiar, and where you will be able to buy the needlepoint canvases and wool, as well as the silk threads from Au Ver ą Soie. This area will also include my workshop.
  • A showroom where students who wish to learn or advance further in the knowledge of needlepoint techniques, as well as other techniques concerning the arts of the needle, with reknown professors.

I am so pleased to take over Tapisseries de la Būcherie while adding my own personal touch, and I look forward in furthering the friendly relationship you had with Dominique.

The renovation works last a little longer than expected ! The shop is open ! Thank you for your patience and see you very soon.


Route de la laine
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Welcome to our site. Bucherie.com is owned by a workshop called Tapisseries de la Bûcherie. The shop is located in the heart of Paris on the left bank of the Seine. The shop is always open and ready to welcome you. It's a true treasure chest of needlepoint.

Tapisseries de la Bûcherie furnishes decorators as well as private clients tapestries made to order and embroidered by hand. We have a large choice of designs of all French styles for covers for seats, armchairs, banquettes, fire screens, folding screens, chests, stools and wall panels, card game covers, as well as smaller designs for cushions, curtain loops, etc. We can also reproduce a design you furnish.

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