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Tapisseries de la Bûcherie

Bucherie.com is the site of a boutique workshop in Paris: tapestries from the boy. The shop is located in the heart of Paris on the left bank of the Seine. The store is always open and ready to welcome you. It's a small empire of needlepoint.

Tapestries of the boy is a company specialized in tapestries to the point on command, to work yourself or delivered woven hand on canvas. We welcome decorators and public. Our range of designs includes all french styles for seats, benches, panels, carpet games, cushions, Kiss, bags, etc. We can also reproduce a drawing that is provided to us.

Needlepoint kits

The kits are composed and assembled in the workshop in Paris. They include a painted canvas hand, hand dyed wool in Aubusson, needle and instructions. We hope that the kit you have purchased will give you a lot of fun. You can contact us in case of difficulty any.

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Can I repeat a blank canvas ?

If the canvas is new, it is primed and do not heat it. Paint or embroider, to stretch the canvas on a frame. If the canvas has lost his primer, it can withstand the heat, but it is better still tender.

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