Ancient art practiced since the end of antiquity, the needlepoint is executed with wires to the needle on a canvas. Wool, silk, and gold and silver made up these beautiful paintings.


In France, the trace of the first regulations of Embroiderers dates back to the middle ages (1292), but their activity is actually much older. The needle found points of tapestry in documents describing their work.

Women are not outdone because there are many Embroiderers mistresses and the technique is also practiced in female monasteries.


Under Louis XIV, three new institutions are emerging in this area, of which the workshop of Saint-Cyr in 1684 Madame de Maintenon, secret wife of the King. So, that today ' today, you can make a book to the small point... Saint-Cyr.


Gradually, the needlepoint becomes a feminine art and, at the end of the 19th century, we're talking about simple "book of Lady.

Thus, the needlepoint crossed epochs, from beautify and enrich the decorative arts until our 21st century beginning.