About Bucherie.com

Welcome to our site. Bucherie.com is owned by a workshop called Tapisseries de la Bûcherie.The shop is located in the heart of Paris on the left bank of the Seine. The shop is always open and ready to welcome you. It's a true treasure chest of needlepoint.

Do you plan on visiting the shop soon? Click here for directions and a printable map.

Our Store in Paris

Tapisseries de la Bûcherie furnishes decorators as well as private clients tapestries made to order and embroidered by hand. We have a large choice of designs of all French styles for covers for seats, armchairs, banquettes, fire screens, folding screens, chests, stools and wall panels, card game covers, as well as smaller designs for cushions, curtain loops, etc. We can also reproduce a design you furnish.

Unless otherwise indicated, kits consist of the following:

  • Hand painted designs on monofil or penelope, or printed designs on penelope.
  • DMC Medici wool and/or hand-dyed wool at Aubusson, France
  • Needlepoint needles.
  • Instructions for the stitch to be used according to the canvas you pick.

The Gobelin or Aubusson stitch on a penelope canvas imitates the old tapestries and is quite easy to learn. We put instructions and drawings in each kit. If you have a problem, email us and we will help you out.

Where background appears beige or white on your needlepoint design, the color has not been painted in. You may want to give us a general indication of color choice, or we will put a background color for you. You can tell us your preference when you add a needlepoint kit to your shopping cart.

You might also tell us if you wish to work on monofil or penelope canvas:

  • Monofil canvas is woven with single horizontal and vertical cotton threads. The cotton threads are fairly thick. This type of canvas is better suited for slanted stitches.
  • Penelope canvas is woven with double horizontal and vertical threads. The threads are thinner than the monofil. This canvas is better suited for straight stitches. We always send instructions and diagrams of stitches as suggestions in our needlepoint kits.

Though we do our best to put the right amount of wool in our needlepoint kits for each color, if there are any discrepancies, you can send us wool you have too much of in exchange for wool you lack. In this way we guarantee that you will finish your canvas.

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