Monofil or Penelope. What's the difference?  

Monofil (or unifil) canvas:

Penelope canvas (or double):

Monofil is used for basketweave or tent stitch or generally all stitches which are slanted or on a diagonal. The holes are square, close together and the canvas is thick. It is then preferable not to work straight stitches on such a canvas because the canvas thread shows up in between the stitches. Recommended for chairs, stools, etc.

Penelope is used for straight stitches (gobelin, Hungarian, Bargello...). The double weft makes the holes more rectangular and the canvas has a finer texture. Since straight stitches are closer together, the canvas thread does not show in between the stitches. On the other hand slanted stitches are to be avoided as they are too big. Recommended for wall hangings.

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