How to sew a needlepoint cushion

Most needlepoint kits on this site may be sewn into a pillow or cushion once the canvas has been needlepointed. You may have your work finished professionally if you do not wish to do it yourself. Such services may be done by contacting directly.

You may also want to watch our video: How make a needlepoint cushion.

The needlepoint has to be perfectly straight. If it is not straight, it has to be blocked. See how to block a tapestry. If the canvas has been worked properly there should be no need for blocking. Proper technique is explained in the book Secrets of Needlepoint.

How to make a pillow or cushion from a needlepoint design:

  1. Your tapestry should be the shape of a perfectly straight rectangle or square rather than an askew one. When you finish your needlepoint, take it off the frame.
  2. Choose a fabric to fit your design. We suggest using fabric that is thick and strong enough to last. Upholstery fabric works well. We use velvet or thick linen quite a bit. Then, measure your needlepoint and cut the fabric to overlap the finished design by at least 1 1/2 inches or 6cm all around.
  3. Pin the needlepoint design to the fabric. Once you have cut your fabric to size lay it down on your workspace face up. Then, lay your needlepoint face down on top of it. Pin the two pieces together going all around the design. You must then baste around the cushion. This is an important step because the basting keeps the different layers together when you start sewing with the sewing machine. Pins are not sufficient to hold the layers together for the sewing machine.
  4. Sew the needlepoint design to the fabric. You can use a sewing machine or sew by hand, using upholstery grade thread. Starting at the bottom of your design sew just beneath the first stitch line. This technique should put one row of needlepoint stitching into the seam. Once you reach the first corner, follow your design around while sewing in between the last needlepoint stitch. Sew 4 sides of your design while leaving an opening on the bottom side wide enough to stuff your cushion.
  5. Flip the design right side out. Once you have finished sewing and left a space for an opening on the bottom of the cushion, cut the canvas ½ inch or 2 cm from the sewn edge. Then you can flip your design outside in through the opening. Be sure to push and smoothe the seam from the inside with your finger until all edges and the corners come out flat.
  6. Stuff the pillow. Stuffing may be found at any fabric or craft store. Once your cushion is stuffed, line up the opening and stitch it closed by hand using invisible stitches.

The following steps explain the making of a cushion using edging and tassels:

Preparing your needlepoint kit for a cushion
The basic materials: finished tapestry, backing, trim, tassels.
Cut your needlepoint canvas.
Cutting around edge of tapestry.
Pin piping to the canvas.

Applying the braid on right side of tapestry. Step one.
Sew piping to the canvas.
Step two: baste braiding exactly at the edge of the needlepoint.
Secure the corners.
Turning the corner while applying the braiding.
Overlap piping.
Reaching full circle while applying the braiding. Braiding overlaps the starting point.
Overlap piping.
After securing the two ends, cut extra length.
Make sure you sew close to your design.
Sew the braiding with the sewing machine.
Desin with piping sewn in place.
This is what your tapestry will look like after you have sewn the braiding.
Desin with piping sewn in place.
This is the backing for the cushion. Put it down on the table right facing you.
Place the backing behind your needlepoint canvas.
Put the tapestry on top of the backing face down, wrong side up.
Cut the fabric to size.
Cut backing about 1/2 inch (2 cm) away from the canvas.
Cut the fabric to size.
Baste the canvas to the backing.
Sewing the needlepoint canvas to the cushion backing.
Sew tapestry to backing with sewing machine.
Leave a pocket open to stuff your cushion.
Looking at the cushion through the hole left at the bottom, before turning inside out.
Flip your needlepoint pillow inside out.
Turning the cushion inside out. Be sure to push out along the edges.
Your cushion is ready to be covered.
Cushion with bottom hole opened before stuffing.
Your cushion is ready to be covered.
Closing the hole after stuffing.
Your cushion is ready to be covered.
Sewing on the tassels.
Finished needlepoint pillow or cushion.
The finished cushion.

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